Thursday, September 24, 2009

Annual Meeting 2009

Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce
ANNUAL MEETING--September 17, 2009
Keystone Distinguished Service Awards
Board Members: Donna Bullard and Sue Fryer
Committee Chair: Heidi Nettler
Ambassador: Tom Lowrie
Volunteer: Connie Morgan
Partnership: Independence Township Parks & Recreation
Service: IGD Solutions
President's Award--Jason T. Ryan

(effective October 1, 2009)
President: Johnna Struck, Changing Places Moving
President Elect: Bill Burr, All Saints Cemetery
Immediate Past President: Heidi Wood, Genisys Credit Union
Treasurer: Deb Hansen, Oxford Bank
Secretary: Steve Hyer, IGD Solutions
Top 10 Supporters of Chamber Programs and Projects
Learning Experience
Smith's Disposal
Mt. Zion
Clarkston Medical Group
Law Office of Robert E. Kostin
Planet Kids Children's Center
Palace Sports & Entertainment
LaFontaine Automotive Group
McLaren Health Care Corporation
Genisys Credit Union

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sounds like a really good time at Taste of Clarkston

We are pleased to have Genisys Credit Union sponsor our entertainment at Taste of Clarkston this year.


DJ Jim Tedder, Tedder Productions WALDON STAGE

Stardusters Band WALDON STAGE

Kofi Ameyaw of Sunkwa Ghana rhythm xylophone On Church Street
sponsored by Sandy Mabery and
DJ Jim Tedder, Tedder Productions WALDON STAGE

Chiffon Sisters WALDON STAGE

More strolling entertainment and surprises will take place at a variety of venues, including a Kite Demonstration by Great Turtle Toys at the schools on Waldon; Balloon animals in Depot park; Mt. Zion entertainers throughout the day and more!

The Job of our Ambassadors

Chamber Ambassadors do a lot to help make our events warm and welcoming. You'll find them in a variety of roles at our events.

First Impressions are lasting! Your role in greeting our members and helping everyone feel sincerely welcomed, happy to be at our event—is essential to setting the tone for everything we do.
· Arrive early at an event and greet attendees with a smile and their first name (if you know it). Welcome them to the event.
· Help them find their name badge.
· Identify first timers or shy attendees and pair them with a Matchmaker Ambassador.
· REMEMBER not to get involved in long conversations while greeting, your job is to keep people moving into the group.

With your knowledge of Chamber members, events, programs and projects you are the air traffic controller helping members land good contacts, connections and relationships.
· Working with Greeters and Chamber Staff you will arrive early at events and position yourself near the check in area.
· When a first timer or newbie attendee is identified they will be handed off to you.
· Your job is to help move them, courteously away from the entry door, into the event.
· Start a conversation, about THEM. Help them get comfortable and feel welcome. Ask questions that help you learn about their business, hobbies, networking objectives.
· Utilizing your expertise and understanding of who is at the event, introduce them to other Chamber members.
· REMEMBER—your job is to focus on the other person, help them feel comfortable, welcome and included. You do not need to stay by their side for the whole event, but check up on them periodically to make sure they are not standing alone in a corner.

You are the leader—welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and organized.
For some BOBs we utilize small group rotations.

· Plan to arrive on time (events start at 7:45 a.m.)
· Work with Chamber staff to be briefed on the format and questions that will be utilized. Because we receive so many last minute registrations, the actual networking activity may not be finalized until the night before an event. You most likely will not have advanced warning of the questions/theme—but you will receive easy to follow printed directions.
· As facilitator, your job is to welcome the group and get them started on each rotation question.
· ALWAYS start with the person on your left.
· ALWAYS speak last. (This is a code to the Chamber staff, so we can follow how close your group is to finishing it’s assignment prior to the next rotation.)
· Keep everyone to the time limit in a cheerful manner. (remember you set the “networking temperature” for the group.
· Do not let any one person dominate the conversation.
· Make it friendly and comfortable for shy people to participate.

You are the Master Connector—the Maven of knowledge
At Mixers and WIB events we try to seed every table with one or more Ambassador or Board member.

· REGISTER EARLY--When you tell us you’re planning to attend, we count on you to be there and can make table assignments accordingly
· Plan to arrive to the event on time (events start at 11:45 or 10:45 a.m.)
· When it comes time to take your seats, you become the “host” of the table.
· Facilitate introductions
· Draw people out
· If you already know everyone around the table, try to find out something new.
· Don’t let one person dominate the discussion
· Your goals for your table are to:
o Set the “networking temperature” for the group.
o Learn something new about the people seated at your table
o Take the information you’re learning, match it with what you already know and help the people at your table connect with other Chamber members who could be good strategic referral partners, help for their business or potential customers/clients.

You are the front lines of our Grassroots, Guerilla Marketing and Social Media Network

· Your enthusiasm and network of connections helps us get the word out quickly and with credibility to members and non-members.
· Carry some extra registration forms with you so at another function, or on a sales call, you have the opportunity to share information on an upcoming Chamber event.
· Add the Chamber’s website or a tag line about an upcoming event to your signature area of your email. (If company policy allows)
· Personally invite someone you’ve recently met, welcomed to the Chamber or haven’t seen in awhile to attend an upcoming event.
· Join the Chamber’s fan page on Facebook and post comments, photos, links or photos.
· Follow the Chamber on Twitter to be “in the know” on up to the minute information—SHARE that information by ReTweeting it.
· Post the Chamber’s logo link on your own webpage.
Sometimes you can’t make every Chamber event. You still have an important role to play as an event Booster!

Smiling faces and a big hearty welcome from the Chamber’s Business Community
Dropping everything at the office to run out quick for a 15 minute photo opportunity welcoming a new business is very important.

· We need you to act as greeters to officials, community members and the new business.
· We need you in the photograph
· And we need you to spread the good news about a new business opening in town.

Being an Ambassador is fun and exciting. You work with a group of other Chamber members who are upbeat and professional. If you'd like to consider being an Ambassador contact and we'll line you up for a 3 month test drive.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you use Guerrilla Marketing?

What is the purpose of your marketing – What is your marketing asking
your prospects to do first?
If your marketing doesn't include a call to action, don't be surprised if your audience doesn't do anything with the information.

What are the benefits of your product(s)/service(s)?
There's a difference between a FEATURE (eg: Advertising Advantage) and BENEFITS (eg: Your business brand recognition and opportunity for doing business with other business leaders grows when your message is put in the hands of 1,000 area business owners.)

Your Target Audience
Who are you trying to reach? Who's your ideal customer, client, contact?

What is your marketing niche?
Are you the best value? Do you provide the best service? Do you have customized products? What's different about doing business with you, instead of doing business with your competitors?

What is your marketing identity?
Designing the "voice" of your marketing ensures a unified look to your marketing efforts. Creating a marketing identity (which often times is YOUR personality/branding) will help you be remembered.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?
It is a body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals. It is a proven method of achieving profits with minimum money.

Your Guerrilla Marketing Weapons
Guerrilla Marketing For Turbulent Times© 2009. Ed Tate & Associates, LLC.

1. Competitive Advantage
2. Marketing Plan
3. Outrageously Good Service
4. Follow-up!
5. Fusion Marketing
6. Positive Attitude & Enthusiasm
7. Free Consultations
8. Customer Reactivation Letter
9. Website and Online Presence
10. 30 second marketing message
11. Community involvement
12. Business Card
13. Testimonials
14. Location
15. Stationery
16. Phone demeanor
17. Logo
18. Promo Kit
19. Hours, days of operation
20. Brochures
21. Reprints
22. Professional Photo
23. 800 Number
24. Targeted list from list broker
25. Public Seminars and lectures
26. Audio and videotapes
27. Refreshments offered
28. Credit cards
29. Club/Association memberships
30. Effective use of voice mail
31. Circulars
32. Smiles and Greetings
33. Pricing
34. Prospecting Letters
35. Contests
36. Phone on-hold marketing
37. Research studies
38. Make an audio tape interview
39. Toastmasters
40. Postcards
41. Waiting Room resources
42. Inserts
43. Trade show display
44. Speak at Conferences
45. Radio and TV commercials
46. Gift certificates
47. Assisting in others’ workshops
48. Start a Fusion Marketing Group
49. Speed of delivery
50. Classified Ads
51. Customer mailing list
52. Enthusiasm
53. Yellow Pages Ad
54. Sales Training
55. Teach Adult Education Courses
56. Online Marketing
57. Participate in Chat Room
58. Publish a newsletter
59. Join Speakers Bureau
60. Demonstrations
61. Serve on an association board
62. Charity fundraisers
63. Create an online newsletter
64. Create an Advocates list
65. Post on an e-bulletin board
66. Free workshops
67. Brand-name awareness
68. Free information
69. Human Bonds
70. Continued Education
71. Free Gift
72. Word of mouth
73. Columns
74. Create an audio tape interview
75. Write an article
76. Link to other websites
77. Mastermind group
78. Create a set of client handouts
79. Booth at Health Fairs
80. Photograph
81. Imagination
82. Add signatures to your emails
83. Walk your talk
84. Write a book
85. Panel or Advisory Board
86. Get listed with search engines
87. Marketing savvy
88. Host your own radio show
89. Compile E-mailing lists
Join the Chamber of Commerce
91. Audio or Video clip on website
92. Competitiveness
93. Displays with other businesses
94. Free video tape
95. Take -one boxes
96. Recorded info by phone
97. Convenience
98. Free audiotapes and articles
99. Theme Line
100. Satisfied Customers

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I don't have time for that?

People do business with people they know.

Networking is relationship building. It's how you get to know people. Do you have a rapport with them? Do you trust them? Do they know you? Do they care about your interests or are you just a quick sale?

Recently a Chamber staff member was asked to help a prospective member make contacts with his target audience. They weren’t really thinking about being a Chamber member, but they wanted the advantage of the Chamber’s credibility and connections.


Chamber staff: “Would you like to come to a BOB as my guest and I’ll introduce you to some of our members and you can check out the value of our Chamber before you become a member.”

“I don’t have time for that. I don’t want to be a member. I just want you to introduce me to my prospects.”

“We’re a membership organization. I’d be happy to make introductions, but you need to be a member. And the best way to make connections is to participate in networking events so people get to know you.”

“I don’t want to be a member. I don’t have time for that. I just want to get to my target audience. Networking events aren’t made up 100% of my target audience.”

“Do you understand that other Chamber members can be strategic referral partners and getting to know them will help you reach your target audience?”

“I don’t have time for that!”

This is such a rare sales personality type in our interactions with Chamber members and prospective members that we were a little taken aback.

Clearly this person feels they don’t have time to invest in a relationship. They only want the sale. If you don’t have time for the relationship, do you have time for good customer service? Will you take shortcuts if I contract with you, because you don’ t have time?

Well . . . good luck with that.

Our research shows us that, especially in today’s economy, people do business with people they know. People they trust.

I’m sure that when you think about the people you refer and the people you do business with, you’ll agree, that knowing them, trusting them, staying in regular communication with them, increases your opportunity for business.